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SMF features a wide array of bbcode tags for your formatting pleasure. Below is a list of all the tags supported by SMF:

[b]Bold[/b] - **Bold**
[i]Italic[/i] - //Italic//
[u]Underline[/u] - __Underline__
[s]Strikethrough[/s] - <del>Strike-through</del>
[glow=green,2,300]Glow[/glow] - Applies the [[|Glow Filter]] to the specified text in Internet Explorer. In other browsers, it shows the text with the specified background color.
[move]Text[/move] - Makes the specified text scroll across the screen (uses HTML marquee tag)
[pre]Text          more    text[/pre] (preformatted text) -   <file>Text          more    text</file>
[left]Text[/left] - Left-aligns the specified text. Default formatting except when using a right-to-left language (such as Arabic)
[center]Text[/center] - Center-aligns the specified text
[right]Text[/right] - Right-aligns the specified text (default formatting for right-to-left languages such as Arabic)
[hr] - inserts a horizontal rule (like this one only wider) ---
[size=size]Text[/size] displays the text with the specified font size (size must be followed by "px" (pixels) or "pt" (point))
[font=name]Text[/font] - displays the specified text using the specified font
[color=...]Text[/color] - displays the text in the specified color (can be a name or a hexadecimal color code)
[flash]url_to_movie.swf[/flash] - displays a URL to the flash movie or embeds the movie depending on forum settings (by default, the option to embed flash is disabled)
[img]image.gif[/img] - inserts an image
[url][/url] - [[|]]
[url=]SMF Website[/url] - [[|SMF Website]]
[email][/email] - inserts a mailto: link with the specified email address
[]Mail me![/email] - inserts a named mailto: link using the specified email address
[ftp][/ftp] - inserts an FTP link (link can be ftp://, or just
[ftp=]FTP[/ftp] - inserts a named FTP link
[table][/table] - inserts a table (must contain one or more tr tags)
[tr][/tr] - inserts a table row (has to be used with table and must contain at least one [td]...[/td] tag)
[td][/td] - inserts a table cell (must be nested - [table][tr][td]text[/td][td]more text[/td][/tr][/table])
[sup]Text[/sup] - <sup>Superscript</sup>
[sub]Text[/sub] - <sub>Subscript</sub>
[tt]Text[/tt] (monospaced text) - ''Text''
[code]...[/code] - displays the specified text in a code box (preformatted, no bbcode gets parsed, syntax-highlighted for PHP)
[quote]Quote[/quote] - quotes the specified text
[quote=xxx]Quote[/quote] - displays a quote box with "Quote From: xxx" as the header
[list][li]Text[/li][/list] - Inserts a list (in 1.0.x, equivalent to <ul>...</ul> [unordered list]; in 1.1, equivalent to <list><li>...</li></list> with optional "type" parameter)

SMF also has several unlisted bbcode tags (there is no button for these, but they will work):

[iurl][/iurl] - internal link (equivalent to URL except it opens in the same window)
[iurl=]SMF Website[/iurl] - named internal link
[*]Text - Bulleted item (single-line only; filled-in circular bullet)
[#]Text or [x]Text - Bulleted item (single-line only; square bullet)
[o]Text or [0]Text - Bulleted item (single-line only; open circular bullet)
[abbr=Abbr]Abbreviation[/abbr] - Abbreviation (equivalent to abbr HTML tag)
[acronym=WYSIWYG]What You See Is What You Get[/acronym] - Acronym (equivalent to acronym HTML tag)

SMF 1.1 also has several additional “hidden” tags:

[anchor=x]Text[/anchor] - creates a named anchor (equivalent to <a name="x">Text</a>)
[iurl=#x]Link[/iurl] - displays a link to the specified anchor (must be within the same topic)
[html]<b>Look ma, HTML!</b>[/html] - inserts HTML into the post (administrators only)
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