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Forums are an established medium to share ideas and holding discussions. Nearly every community of any theme has one and companies use them as support platform to communicate with their clients. ForumMatrix is the ideal way to get in contact with people all over the world, who are interested in Forums and Forum related services. Advertise on one of the most popular Forum comparison site now and win customers for life.

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For buying ad space on ForumMatrix send an email to

ForumMatrix offers a range of predefined advertising packages shown on the right. If you're interested in a special deal, just contact us and we can work something out.


All conditions are subject to change. Payment can be done through PayPal or bank transfer. Payments have to be completed before the booked campaign is switched online. Banner campaigns are bought based on an ad impression contingent. The contingent is tried to be spread evenly over one month. If the bought contingent is not exhausted at the end of the month the campaign is continued until the whole contingent has been served. If the bought impression contingent is exhausted before the end of the month due to unforeseen traffic increase, the campaign will end before the end of the month.

Ad Packages

ForumMatrix currently offers the following attractive packages for advertisers:

  • Premium Combi Pack
    • Three 468x60 top banners in rotation
      • shown on all ForumMatrix pages
    • One 250x250 premium banner
      • shown inside the content of the most accessed pages (home page, choice wizard and product details)
    • 40,000 ad impressions distributed over one month
    • → 60.00 EUR
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