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New Items added to Feature List

Hi folks!

We've made some little changes concerning the Feature List.

Firstly we modified the Feature "Unread Topics" like recommended by our user Solf.
It can now have one of the following values:
Database tracked
Session tracked

To get more information relating to this change browse to it's forum topic:

Our user bculler2 send us mails with some proposals, from which we applied two.

The first one is just a little change in description concerning the feature "Rating", which is now named "Rating/Karma System" to make it more applicable.

The second one is a new feature named "Hosting available". It shows you, whether the autors or distributors of the forum engine offer you the possibility that they install and set the forum up on their servers.

Thanks to Brian Culler, Solf and Dietrich for theire proposals!

To all maintainers: Please update your entries regarding the new/modified features!




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