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GeneralMyProBB Details
Version 2.3
Release Date May 31, 2008
Author CubicleSoft (Thomas Hruska, President)
URL www.cubiclesoft.com
Free and Open Source No
License Quasi-commercial
License cost Free for personal use, business use $25/year
Programming Language PHP 5
UTF-8 Support Yes
Type Flat
Installation method manual
Upgrade method wizard
Data StorageMyProBB Details
Postgres No
Oracle No
SQLite No
Textfiles No
Hosting available  
PostsMyProBB Details
BBCode Yes
Emoticons Yes
Formatting Toolbar Yes
Quoting Nested
Syntax Highlighting No
Attachments No
ForumsMyProBB Details
Categories Yes
Subforums No
Last Post Yes
Redirect Forums Yes
Trashcan Forum Plugin
Anti-Spam and SecurityMyProBB Details
Groups Multiple groups
Flood Control Yes
ACLs Yes
Blacklist Yes
Warnings Yes
Suspension Yes
Bans Yes
IP-Block Yes
Audit Logging Yes
User Reports No
Other Trivia and essay questions (signup), domain blacklists, etc. See the Information icon for a complete list of anti-spam/security features.
NotificationMyProBB Details
E-Mail Yes
Instant Messaging Yes
Bookmarks Yes
CommunityMyProBB Details
Avatars No
User Ranks Yes
Rating/Karma System No
Signatures Yes
Users Online List No
Private Messaging No
Custom profile fields Plugin
ModerationMyProBB Details
Moderators global and forums
Move Threads Yes
Split Threads Yes
Close Threads Yes
Shadow Topics Yes
Sticky Threads Yes
Important Threads Yes
SearchMyProBB Details
Full-text search Yes
Author search Yes
Advanced search No
Unread Topics Database tracked
CustomizationMyProBB Details
Languages US English with full multilingual support
Templates global and forum specific
Custom BBCodes Yes
Skin-Editor Plugin
Smiley Packs Yes
Plugins Yes
Special FeaturesMyProBB Details
Statistics Yes
Polls No
Calendar No
Friendly URLs Yes
Data ManagementMyProBB Details
Pruning Optional
Archiving Optional
Export Formats None
Export private messages No
Lo-Fi View No


MyProBB(TM) is a web forum designed specifically for businesses. MyProBB is developed, first and foremost, as a secure product that performs well while minimizing administration and moderation headaches - particularly from a business' point of view. Second to that objective is a core set of essential features with a professional looking user interface. Author provides one-to-one technical support over the phone (517-803-4197) to get MyProBB installed properly at no charge. Author welcomes feature requests to enhance the product but business-oriented feature requests with valid use-cases take priority. Using MyProBB for businesses purposes is $25/year. It is also free for personal use but donations are encouraged. (Hence the "quasi-commercial" license).

"Out of the box" features:

Powerful anti-spammer measures to keep spammers out. Even human spammers.

Anti-SQL injection code prevents database security vulnerabilities.

Anti-HTML injection code prevents cross-site scripting vulnerabilites.

Post moderation stops users from using inappropriate language you don't want Google indexing.

Custom privileges allow for purchase system integration (e.g. a special technical support forum that customers get access to when they buy the relevant product). User privileges can be set to expire as well (e.g. annual renewal fees).

Quick performance. Almost instantaneous page loading.

Scales as your business grows. Handles heavy system loads.

Easy moderation using hyperlinks.

RSS feeds.

Activity and error logs.

Easy-to-understand template for seamless integration with your website.

Professional looking graphics, icons, and visual effects under all major browsers.

Maintenance mode.

And much more.

More info may be available in the Docs-Wiki


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These screenshots should give you a first impression how MyProBB looks like. Remember: The look of many forums can be changed by stylesheets or templates so these are only examples.

First impressions

What the user sees when they enter the main forum page.

Fancy BBCode editor

Very slick BBCode editor that works in all major browsers. Includes a set of professionally designed emoticons by the author.

Moderator power

Moderators moderate using hyperlinks. Allows an entire forum to be moderated in minutes.

Admin panel

Screenshot of the administration panel. Segmented off the normal system and is heavily guarded for security reasons.

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