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GeneralNovaBoard Details
Version 1.1.4
Release Date 14/06/10
Author NovaBoard Team
URL www.novaboard.net
Free and Open Source Yes
License Artistic License 2.0
License cost Free as in beer
Programming Language PHP4+
UTF-8 Support Yes
Type Flat
Installation method wizard
Upgrade method wizard
Data StorageNovaBoard Details
Postgres No
Oracle No
SQLite No
Textfiles No
Hosting available No
PostsNovaBoard Details
BBCode Yes
Emoticons Yes
Formatting Toolbar Yes
Quoting Nested
Syntax Highlighting Optional
Attachments Multiple files
ForumsNovaBoard Details
Categories Yes
Subforums multiple levels
Last Post Yes
Redirect Forums Yes
Trashcan Forum Yes
Anti-Spam and SecurityNovaBoard Details
Groups One group only
Flood Control Yes
ACLs Yes
Blacklist Yes
Warnings Yes
Suspension Yes
Bans Yes
IP-Block No
Audit Logging No
User Reports Yes
Other Akismet & reCAPTCHA built in, along with CASPIAN
NotificationNovaBoard Details
E-Mail Yes
Instant Messaging  
Bookmarks No
CommunityNovaBoard Details
Avatars Yes
User Ranks Yes
Rating/Karma System Plugin
Signatures Yes
Users Online List Yes
Private Messaging Yes
Custom profile fields Yes
ModerationNovaBoard Details
Moderators global and forums
Move Threads Yes
Split Threads Yes
Close Threads Yes
Shadow Topics Yes
Sticky Threads Yes
Important Threads Yes
SearchNovaBoard Details
Full-text search Yes
Author search Yes
Advanced search Yes
Unread Topics Database tracked
CustomizationNovaBoard Details
Languages English (ability to add more is available)
Templates global and forum specific
Custom BBCodes No
Skin-Editor Plugin
Smiley Packs Yes
Plugins Yes
Special FeaturesNovaBoard Details
Statistics No
Polls Yes
Calendar No
Friendly URLs Yes
Data ManagementNovaBoard Details
Pruning Yes
Archiving Yes
Export Formats  
Export private messages No
Lo-Fi View No


Simple to use, easy to edit, NovaBoard is an extremely feature-rich but also lightweight solution for those wishing to start up an online community with little effort.

Customise your forum with our choice of themes & plugins - both of which can be installed directly within your Admin CP (no downloading necessary) & have peace of mind with our advanced SPAM protection that can detect spam posts & automatically hide them from public view for you to review.

More info may be available in the Docs-Wiki


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These screenshots should give you a first impression how NovaBoard looks like. Remember: The look of many forums can be changed by stylesheets or templates so these are only examples.

Forum Index Page

Forum Home Page. The light blue member bar will also turn different colours depending on if you have new PM's, moderator actions to be performed, logged in or logged out giving you an easy an unobtrusive way of getting quickly informed of what's happening.

Advanced SPAM Protection

NovaBoard checks against a trusted database when anyone tries to register to see if they are a spammer, and with reCAPTCHA installed it provides a good barrier against automated spam-bots. Users that post spam are automatically detected and their posts become mod-queued instantly so that any spam messages do not get shown on your forums.

Topic View

Topics are shown in a traditional method, but with a few nice additions such as status strips - red or green bars above the post to indicate if the member is online, and quick edit & quote functions to make editing and quoting specific posts a breeze.

Modules Area

Upload modules/themes or select them from within your Admin CP - 3 clicks and they are automatically uploaded and installed, ready for you to use. No editing of files and so little chance of your forum ending up unusable - especially as uninstalling is just as easy!

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