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GeneralWeb Crossing Community Details
Version 5.0
Release Date April 01, 2006
Author Web Crossing, Inc.
URL www.webcrossing.com
Free and Open Source No
License Commercial
License cost $995 - $19,995
Programming Language C+
UTF-8 Support Yes
Type Threaded or Flat
Installation method wizard
Upgrade method wizard
Data StorageWeb Crossing Community Details
Postgres No
Oracle No
SQLite No
Textfiles No
other Propietary
Hosting available Yes
PostsWeb Crossing Community Details
BBCode No
Emoticons Yes
Formatting Toolbar Yes
WYSIWYG Editor Plugin
Quoting Nested
Syntax Highlighting No
Attachments Multiple files
ForumsWeb Crossing Community Details
Categories Yes
Subforums unlimited
Last Post Yes
Redirect Forums Yes
Trashcan Forum Yes
Anti-Spam and SecurityWeb Crossing Community Details
CAPTCHA Optional
Groups Multiple groups
Flood Control Yes
ACLs Yes
Blacklist Yes
Warnings Yes
Suspension Yes
Bans Yes
IP-Block Yes
Audit Logging Yes
User Reports Yes
NotificationWeb Crossing Community Details
E-Mail Yes
Instant Messaging  
Bookmarks Yes
CommunityWeb Crossing Community Details
Avatars Yes
User Ranks No
Rating/Karma System No
Signatures Yes
Users Online List Plugin
Private Messaging Plugin
Custom profile fields Plugin
ModerationWeb Crossing Community Details
Moderators global, forums and threads
Move Threads Yes
Split Threads Yes
Close Threads Yes
Shadow Topics Yes
Sticky Threads Yes
Important Threads No
SearchWeb Crossing Community Details
Full-text search Yes
Author search Yes
Advanced search Yes
Unread Topics Database tracked
CustomizationWeb Crossing Community Details
Languages Infinite through customization
Templates global and forum specific
Custom BBCodes No
Skin-Editor Yes
Smiley Packs No
Plugins Yes
Special FeaturesWeb Crossing Community Details
Statistics Yes
Polls Yes
Calendar Yes
Friendly URLs Yes
Data ManagementWeb Crossing Community Details
Pruning Yes
Archiving Yes
Export Formats Propietary
Export private messages No
Lo-Fi View No

Web Crossing Community

WebCrossing Community provides a preconfigured collection of the most popular online community tools including message boards and chat.

This cost effective solution scales small communities to very large ones with millions of users and millions of pages served per day. Readily customizable to take on the right appearance, WebCrossing Community is the tool chosen by thousands of site operators to address that all-important "stickiness" requirement. The outstanding feature set includes message boards, mailing lists, newsgroups, chat, polls and blogs, and the modular design permits adding other plug-ins when necessary.

More info may be available in the Docs-Wiki


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These screenshots should give you a first impression how Web Crossing Community looks like. Remember: The look of many forums can be changed by stylesheets or templates so these are only examples.

Main screen

The main screen, as a user would see it.

Discussion view

The discussion view, as a user would see it.

Access list

The access list that a site administrator uses to set who has access to a folder or discussion.

Theme selector

The theme selector that a site administrator uses to set up the overall look and feel of the site.

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