Unclassified NewsBoard Screenshots

The Unclassified NewsBoard (short UNB) is an open-source, PHP-based internet bulletin board system, mostly like those you may already know. But the difference is in a lot of details that make your life with this board, both as administrator and user, much easier. You'll be surprised how easy things can be and how fast you can work with such a system! The Unclassified NewsBoard has a lot of innovative features the world has never seen before in this way. I run this project in my spare time, mostly because over two years ago, none of the freely available forum systems fully convinced me and because I found fun in that job.

Note: This software was initially created in 2003 and last changed in 2011. It is not compatible with PHP 7 in its current state.

Visit Website: newsboard.unclassified.de

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